We have the best Brands in the business and highly skilled artist who take pride in beautiful one-of-a-kind handcrafted lures.

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We ship direct from our shelf to your doorstep!

We find great pleasure to provide you personalized service with specific items tailored to achieve results for the best outdoor experience. Often times we take photos of instore items and communicate through social media finding the best tackle, gear or apparel for the season.

  • Burke's Custom Rods are higher quality

    Some experiences are better felt than told. If you've held a burkes pole then you know what im talking about.


    At Vance's store not only will you find quality rods and catfish accessories but you'll also find a variety of fresh bluegills.


    Warhead lures make a variety of spinners for muskie, bass, walleye, crappie and trout fishing!

    Lure maker and retired veteran Stephen Whiteley shares his passion and creativity with beautiful  colored lures that get the job done.

  • Bubbytuff

    Anglers appreciate the wide variety of color, size and contrast available for an affordable price.

  • Windy Ridge Trapper

    Windy Ridge Trapper offers a large product line. This company is very unique fishing and Hunting supplies check them out!

  • Bass Daddy

    Jackson County native Ricky Landis shares our love for WV Largemouth Bass. Now days hes a sensation with Smallmouth fisherman as Bass Daddy soft plastic baits have took Smallmouth fisherman to a new level.

  • Kent Smith Lures

    Kent Smith lures are beautiful and intriguing. Kent holds a place of value in Vaces tackle shop.

  • Dirty Water Lures

    Dirty water never looked so good!


    (Catfishing Expertise) These guys make top of the line hooks sinkers and accessories.


    Weapons of Muskie destruction sweatshirts and Tees in multiple colors proudly show the muskie logo.